The forest telegraph…

Welcome to the blogsite for the woodland edge conference. As well as providing a more spontaneous link with the event, it will offer a sideways view of the things going on before, during and just after it all happens.  

The blogsite will offer thoughts on topics being discussed at the event, and anyone with an interest is welcome to add their view at any stage. The blog also has links to the programme and other event details, and hopefully a few snippets which might amuse.

During the event the site will offer comments and pictures of the various things occurring, from comments of people huddling around the fire or having left their first workshop, a speaker’s honest reactions, quotes on people’s post-its (or are we going to use leaves?) , and a look at the creations from an evening bushcraft session. The content may be elemental in all sorts of ways!

A big thanks to conservation and media expert James Thomson who is masterminding the blog on behalf of the event. Thanks also to Alex Mitchell for sketching out some nice cartoons like the one above. We hope the site will both visualise the event and offer helpful soundbites from all dimensions of the gathering.

– Rick


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