The ancient tree trunk – what does it measure?

Scattered amongst the neighbouring forest at the woodland edge conference venue are a number of veteran oaks. These ancient trees are prominent guardians of this piece of the forest, indicating one of its past uses as wood pasture and deer park. The age of the oaks is measured in terms of centuries. Gordon the tree dowser believe’s the one shown here is perhaps 586 years old, as the tree’s conference label declares.

Many people will look for faces, characters and other features in trees young and old, but these old oaks seem especially charismatic. Perhaps the trees have enjoyed all the special attention they’ve received over the last few days, including being illuminated at night by colourful spotlights. Some of these mighty oaks have earned their own name. Although they are often thought as looking feminine in form, they have male titles as a rule, such as Sir William, who will feature in a later blog.

The 586 year old tree shown in these pictures, named by the locals as Sir Hugh, was measured during the conference to satisfy curiosity about the tree’s impressive girth.

It took two of us to measure the trunk! I invite you to guess the result – tell us what you think by using the options below…

This is just for fun so take your pick and look out for the answer next week.

– Rick


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