Free workshop announced : NEW CREATURES OF THE FOREST?


The return of beavers, boar, lynx and wild grazing to the landscapes of Britain

1 October  2011,   10.00 – 12.30

A free workshop @ the woodland edge conference venue, Neroche.

Experienced practitioners will give illustrated talks on how these wild animals can shape the environment around them. The discussion will consider whether and how these animals might become more widespread in Britain.

Key issues to be addressed will include:

·   What are these species’ effects on the ecosystem?

·   What is the recent experience with these animals in the UK? 

·   How do practitioners, policy makers and the pubic feel about returning these species?

10.00  Welcome & Introductions

– Rick Minter and Gavin Saunders –

10.05  The Awakening Forest – re-wilding the land or the people?

– Peter Taylor & Rick Minter –

10.15  Current experiences with beavers in the UK and future prospects for beavers in England

– Derek Gow & Lisa Schneidau –

10.35  Discussion on the potential for beavers in England

10.50  Realising lynx in our wildwood – how might it happen

– James Thomson & Peter Taylor –

11.10  Discussion on the potential for lynx back in Britain

11.25  Wild grazing, including experience from managing heck cattle in Devon

– Derek Gow –

11.45  Discussion on wild grazing – issues, policies and practices

12.00  Optional walk to view and discuss the longhorn cattle in Neroche

12.50  Close

Lunch will be available to purchase from the outdoor conference catering facility. A discussion article based on issues raised at this event will be prepared for ECOS.

Speaker details:

Gavin Saunders is Project Manager of the Neroche Scheme

Peter Taylor is author of ‘Beyond Conservation – a Wildland Strategy’

Rick Minter is editor of ECOS and adviser on public perceptions in the outdoor environment  

Derek Gow advises on mammal restoration projects, including beaver reintroduction schemes

Lisa Schneidau is Director of Conservation at the Somerset Wildlife Trust

James Thomson is a media adviser who has researched the potential for lynx reintroduction