Houston. Do you read me?

After a 400mile car trip, three slightly more enjoyable train journeys and a few stops at some relatives along the way, I’ve arrived at the Woodland Edge. Setting up my blogstation earlier on it was a bitter-sweet feeling of relief when I plugged in my dongle wireless device and discovered I was still connected to the world-wide-web somehow… I was kind of hoping the thing would fail on me so I could make the most of this unusually brilliant English weather, but there was no such luck today. According to this 3G coverage map below, the only place I’m likely to escape internet access is in the deepest darkest forest.

So here I am in Somerset, shacked up in my own little tepee, blogging away into the ether with a nice pint of local ale sitting by my side. Having moved into my new home for the next few days I’ve already made a new friend – it’s a daddy longlegs, and it’s taken quite a liking to the white glow currently emanating from my laptop. I’m hoping it doesn’t attract anything scarier than that though cos I’m possibly the last up by now. Fortunately however, a local volunteer has constructed a wooden sign to go outside my makeshift office which reads “BLOGGER’S TENT”. If that doesn’t warn the Exmoor Beast off I’m not sure what will.

You can see some of the goings on from Neroche Forest today in the slideshow I have put together here. I’ve already met many interesting characters, but Gordon the tree-dowser stands out as a definite highlight. I’m not sure what he’s been up to exactly, but the trees tonight are now glowing a variety of different colours and beyond them the stars out in force. I just came back from the campfire where most of the new conference arrivals have retired for the evening, having been treated to a fairly hefty dinner and some freshly roasted chestnuts. It seems things will kick off early tomorrow so with limited shower water available I should probably get to bed.

– James